Meet Our Fertility Specialists

Starting Fertility Treatment

Starting fertility treatment in Corpus Christi is a streamlined process

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting fertility treatment, know that you aren’t alone. Many women and men have questions about what to expect from this new journey. Thankfully, Susan Hudson MD understands this process as both a doctor and a patient. Our Corpus Christi infertility doctor is here to help you know what to expect from treatment.

Texas Fertility Center makes it easy to schedule your first appointment

Starting fertility treatment is a big step, so our team strives to make it simple to begin working with our Corpus Christi infertility doctor.

  • Make an appointment. You’ll begin by calling our office to schedule your appointment. We’ll gather basic information about you, including your insurance information. This allows us to verify your benefits before your first appointment. Also, we recommend printing and completing our new patient forms before coming in. Doing so helps maximize your time with Dr. Hudson.
  • Meet with Dr. Hudson. At your first visit, you’ll meet Dr. Hudson, a board certified reproductive endocrinologist. She’ll ask you about your medical history and any previous fertility treatments. She will also perform a physical exam and a transvaginal ultrasound, before ordering bloodwork.
  • Bring your partner to the appointment. To create the best treatment plan for you, Dr. Hudson will also need to meet with your partner to assess their medical history and health.

After meeting our Corpus Christi infertility doctor, you’ll check out with a nurse or a medical assistant. This team member will review Dr. Hudson’s recommendations, schedule any additional testing and give you your nurses contact information. Your nurse will be your contact throughout the treatment process.

Starting fertility treatments helps you get on the path to parenthood

Our team knows that you’ve probably been on a long journey to welcome a baby. Dr. Hudson will work with you to reduce the amount of time it takes to bring home a healthy bundle of joy. Contact us to learn more about starting fertility treatment at our Corpus Christi fertility center.