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Fertility Docs Uncensored

Fertility Docs Uncensored answers all your questions about infertility

When you’re TTC and seeing one big fat negative after another, you just want answers. But finding the information you need can be a challenge, to say the least. Instead of sorting through Dr. Google, turn to some different doctors on Fertility Docs Uncensored.

Three renowned fertility specialists, including our own Susan Hudson MD, host this fertility podcast, and they don’t shy away from any topic. Each episode is unique, so you’ll learn about everything from different fertility treatments to how to respond to rude questions about your baby plans. Nothing is off limits for our Corpus Christi fertility doctor and her co-hosts.

What is an episode of Fertility Docs Uncensored like?

All work and no play makes for a dull podcast, so each episode starts with conversation to help you get to know your podcast hosts a little bit better. After that, the Fertility Docs will dive into the nitty-gritty.

Our Corpus Christi fertility doctor and her co-hosts know that people have tons of questions about TTC and fertility treatments. This means that each episode of this fertility podcast will focus on a different topic. Many episodes also feature special guests, such as other healthcare providers and fertility patients, who weigh in with their experiences. Finally, each episode of Fertility Docs Uncensored will answer at least one question from loyal listeners. The Fertility Docs can fit a lot into one podcast.

How can you find this fertility podcast?

Does Fertility Docs Uncensored sound perfect for you? We’ve got good news! You can listen to this fertility podcast on your favorite podcasting platforms.

If you want to do more than listen, you can submit questions below for our Corpus Christi fertility doctor and her co-host to answer during an episode. No question is off limits, so don’t hold back. If the Fertility Docs select your question, we’ll be sure to send you an email with a link to the episode so that you can find out what they say.

If you’d like to get fertility care from Dr. Hudson, please contact us to schedule an appointment.