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Donor Program

The TFC donor program can make the dream of parenthood possible

Most people think that conceiving will be straightforward. However, certain roadblocks may encourage you to rely on our egg donor program. Texas Fertility Center (TFC) has a diverse donor pool that includes many talented and generous women who want to help patients like you. Susan Hudson MD and her team can guide you through the process of using Corpus Christi egg donation.

If you need another third party reproductive service, we can connect you with a wealth of options, including sperm donation, embryo donation and gestational surrogacy. Dr. Hudson and generous donors can make your dream of parenthood come true.

You can find high pregnancy rates with our egg donor program

Our Corpus Christi egg donation experts are here to put your mind at ease. Our egg donor program produces high pregnancy rates, thanks to our world-class clinical care and amazing donors. Each donor in our program has passed extensive medical and psychological testing. This confirms that she can produce many healthy eggs and that she is donating for the right reasons.

Not only do we offer a diverse database of highly qualified donors, our team can also connect you with other egg banks. With so many choices, you’ll be able to find the perfect egg donor for your family.

After selecting your donor, Dr. Hudson will guide you through the next exciting steps. Once your donor undergoes ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval, we will fertilize the eggs in the laboratory. Fertilization can occur using sperm from you, your partner or a donor. Dr. Hudson will then transfer one of the resulting embryos to you, your partner or a gestational surrogate.

We can help you explore other third party options

Even if you don’t need help from our egg donor program to welcome a baby, you may still need assistance from a third party. To help, our Corpus Christi egg donation experts can guide you through other third party treatments.

  • Sperm donation is an excellent treatment for severe male infertility. It can also help single women and lesbian couples conceive.
  • Embryo donation allows you to have a baby using an IVF embryo from a couple who has extra embryos after completing their family.
  • Gestational surrogacy is a beautiful family-building option for same-sex couples and women who cannot carry a pregnancy.

Just as with egg donation, Dr. Hudson will help you through every step of using these services. You can feel confident that everyone will remain safe and healthy on your journey to become a parent. Contact us to schedule an appointment if you’re ready to get started.