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Donor embryos

Donor embryos provide another path to parenthood

At our New Braunfels fertility center, we are proud to offer donor embryos as a fertility treatment. Parents who pursue IVF often wonder what will happen if they have extra frozen embryos after they finish building their family. Embryo donation is one deeply altruistic solution. This process involves donating embryos to individuals or couples who would otherwise be unable to have a successful pregnancy.

Beneficiaries of donor embryos include couples or individuals whose age, ovarian reserve, sperm quality or genetic factors rule out using their own genetic material to achieve pregnancy. Embryo donation can also help when multiple rounds of IVF have been unsuccessful.

How using donor embryos works

At our New Braunfels fertility center, keeping our patients healthy and safe is paramount. Before embryo donation, both donors and recipients undergo extensive testing to rule out the risk of disease transmission. The process of using donor embryos works as follows.

  • Donate the embryos. Families with extra embryos can donate them to the Texas Fertility Center (TFC) donor embryo program.
  • Apply to adopt. Couples or individuals who are seeking embryo donation can apply to adopt an embryo from TFC.
  • Begin the process. Our team will notify the recipients when they have been matched with a donor embryo.
  • Uterine preparation. Once there is a match, Susan Hudson MD will prepare the mother for the embryo transfer using hormones and other fertility medications.
  • Embryo transfer. When the embryo has been thawed, Dr. Hudson will perform an embryo transfer to place the embryo in the mother’s uterus.

Both prospective donors and prospective recipients should obtain legal counsel before embryo donation. This advice can help them better understand the legal rights and responsibilities of embryo donation.

Fertility solutions for every patient

Donor embryos provide a life-changing gift to the recipients at our New Braunfels fertility center. Our team has championed innovative medical techniques and expanded access to affordable fertility treatments. Embryo donation is significantly cheaper than traditional IVF. We are pleased to offer it as one more way to help more people achieve the families they’ve dreamed of.

To learn more about our embryo donation program or to schedule an appointment, contact our office.